The role of a strategy consultant

will adopt the role of a strategy consultant. A strategy consultant is someone that businesses hire to provide knowledgeable insights and actionable, forward-looking recommendations that will help the business improve competitiveness and risk-adjusted returns. Essentially, they are paid for their expertise, diligence, and insights.
You are being hired by a Micromatic company to provide strategic consulting services. This assignment calls upon you to apply key concepts you learned this term about strategy and competitive advantage. Your observations must be thorough, your analysis must be insightful, and your recommendations must be specific, well-articulated, and well-defended.
For this consulting engagement, you will have access to your client company’s written Report to the Board, which provides a summary of their decisions and results over the past 8 quarters. You will also have access to the Instructor Report spreadsheet, which provides comprehensive data on all teams in the industry. You will utilize both of these as you conduct analyses and generate recommendations for your consulting client.

Sample Solution