Theoretical positive correlation between your variables

Read the following two articles on correlations:
Akoglu, H. (2018) Download Akoglu, H. (2018) . User’s guide to correlation coefficients. Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine, 18(3), 91-93.
Taylor, R. (1990) Download Taylor, R. (1990) . Interpretation of the correlation coefficient: A basic review. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 6(1), 35-
Initial Post:
In no more than 400 words, summarize what you learned from these article (do not get caught up in the formulas).
Design three meaningful studies (i.e., if significant, there could be implications) using correlations in the following scenarios below:

  1. Where there is a theoretical positive correlation between your variables.
  2. Where there is a theoretical negative correlation between your variables.
  3. Where there is theoretically no correlation between your variables.
    Briefly, write why these relationships would be meaningful.

Sample Solution