Theory of a personal nursing experience

In this module, you will draft the Introduction for your final project. Identify a theory that best represents the underpinnings of your personal nursing practice and the phenomenon of concern you have identified. Explain the reasoning behind your choice. Discuss the specific components of the theory (concepts, theoretical statements, assumptions) that help you to explain, describe, or understand your phenomenon of concern.

Identify a nursing problem that represents your phenomenon of concern and will be analyzed in your paper. Discuss why the theory you selected can contribute to a solution or change in patient outcomes. Read the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document before completing this task.

In order to complete this milestone successfully, your Introduction must include the following critical elements (Section I of the final project):
Identify the nursing problem that you will analyze within this project, explaining why this is a phenomenon of concern and expressing what you feel needs to be changed.
Identify the concept related to the phenomenon of concern, explaining your reasoning. For example, if your phenomenon of concern is a patient continuing his exercise program, the concept would be motivation.
Describe the defining attributes, antecedents, and consequences of your previously identified concept.
Identify one specific theory that you feel best applies to your previously identified nursing problem, and explain your reasoning for the selection.
How do you feel the theory you identified can contribute to your professional growth as a nurse? Provide specific examples to substantiate your claims.

Sample Solution