LSTD 2106 Legal Environment of Business Critical Paper 2 (Torts)—Assignment Guide Spring 2019
Instructions. Use the IRAC process to analyze issues of liability in the hypothetical case below. Specifically, you should: (1) Identify the legal issues (Issue); (2) Identify and describe the legal rules that apply to these issues (Rule); (3) Synthesize compelling information such as facts, legal definitions and/or general principles of law to discuss the liability of the defendant (Analysis); and (4) Summarize your legal conclusions on the issue of liability (Conclusion). Your answers should use critical legal analysis and correct legal terminology, and should be supported by facts and law. The paper should be of sufficient length to address all of the issues involved. Your instructor will use the Critical Paper 2 grading rubric to score the final draft of your paper. Additional details concerning the scoring of Critical Paper 2 are available in the course syllabus.

Sample Solution