Totem Pole, Giotto Crucifix, Minoan Snake Goddess

Jump on Google (or your search engine of choice) and look up examples of the three items listed below. They are all from different time periods and cultures. Notice how each one has a repeated formal element similar to the others.
Totem Pole
Giotto Crucifix
Minoan Snake Goddess
(Specific pieces are not as important as a general idea of each object.)
What style and category does each work belong to (remember to write about the OBJECT, not the photograph of it that you are viewing).
Do these similarities have ties to a common meaning between all of them, or do you think the meaning for each work is separate from the others? Why or why not? (So, compare and contrast.)
What cultural, religious or other considerations do you take into account in defining your answers? (Can you explain to another person where and when each type of object was created?)
Write at least two paragraphs answering these questions. You do not need to answer specifically each question for each piece in your submission essay…answer these questions for yourself regarding each piece and then combine that knowledge in your short essay. Remember to cite source

Sample Solution