Training Session

You have been assigned as the project manager for ABC Company. Your project is to do an on-boarding
training session that will be required of all new employees. The scope of the project is to provide new
employees with an overview of the company and specific information on what each of the company’s
departments is responsible for doing. As you begin to consider the project, you know that choosing and
developing the project team will be a critical task if this project is to be successful. For this week’s assignment,
create a video presentation that explores how you will assemble the team. If you do not have the ability to
create a video presentation, you may use a PowerPoint presentation with audio recording (the alternative must
be approved by your instructor). The video presentation should be a minimum of 5 minutes. Your presentation
should include at least three sources (not provided in the course) and be formatted in proper APA 7th edition
formatting. The references should be submitted in MS Word. Your presentation should address the following
Identify key characteristics that you will look for in your project team members
Discuss the challenges of bringing team members together from various departments
Explain your strategies for developing a high-performance project team.
Discuss what skills will be necessary to manage and resolve conflicts
Discuss the team building activities that you will use to bring the team together

Sample Solution