Transition from biological male to transgender female.

As seen within the article Steve, who becomes Stephanie, faces many challenges throughout their transition from biological male to transgender female. Many of these challenges are immersed in social, legal, and moral issues, most of which stem from working in a conservative company with little to no procedures in place. By addressing the ethical implications of these areas and finding a common middle ground, LGBTQ employees like Steve can find comfort within their workplace.

Put yourself in Henrietta’s shoes as the manager of this department:I) Analyze the situation – summarize the scenario, notate the situational facts, and describe the accommodations requested.

II) Consider your personal thoughts and feelings towards Steve’s decision to transition? Should Steve acept the internal position? How do you feel about the other coworkers’ opinions and clients’ opinions regarding the transition?

III) “Put your manager hat on”. Evaluate the situation as the manager – from an unbiased, factual, legislative perspective, what does your department staff need at this time? How can you aid the situation from a social point-of-view?

IV) Now, create three actions that will determine how the company will address the transition, i.e. in-house colleagues, Human Resources policy, and with clients.

Sample Solution