Treating Depression

Analyze the data to answer the 1st research question: Which of the drugs (if either) was more successful in preventing the recurrence of depression relative to the placebo?

In the previous lab-preparation activity, we determined that we will analyze the data using a two-way table and conditional percentages.

Use StatCrunch to produce a two-way contingency table. (directions)
Copy the table in your StatCrunch output window and paste it in your initial discussion post. (directions)
After you paste the content of the your StatCrunch output window into your discussion post, keep the table titled Contingency table results: and delete the Chi-Square results: table.
Analyze the data in your two-way table by finding appropriate conditional percentages. Write each conditional percentage as a ratio (e.g. 25 out of 40) and as a percentage (e.g. 25/40 = 62.5%). Then write a sentence that explains the meaning of the percentage in the context of the research question.
Draw a conclusion. Based on this study, which drug was the most effective in preventing the recurrence of depression? Support your conclusion using conditional percentages.

Sample Solution