Treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis OFEV and BD025.

Medicines picked are for Pulmonary Fibrosis and are OFEV and KD025.

A research review paper on a medication that has been recently approved for the treatment of a cardiopulmonary disorder and include a medication in clinical trials.

Guidelines: Your paper should include…
• A thorough description of the cardiopulmonary condition being treated by the new medication. Include cellular pathology the new medication is targeting.
• The new mediation’s mode of action (pharmacodynamics), route of administration, dosage, and side effects.
• A comparison of the new medication to the current medication(s) used to treat the disease, include:
o Difference in mode of action between drugs
o Proposed advantages of the new medication vs. current treatment
• A description of the type of studies conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this medication as well as the organization sponsoring the studies.
• A summary including your assessment of the research conducted, concerns that need to be addressed, and the significance of this new medication in treating the disease.

• The paper must be double-spaced, standard margins, and computer typed.
• Five pages in length.
• Contain a minimum of 4 professional references
o DO NOT include websites or articles designed for the lay public.
o Do NOT include textbooks
o See “References and How to Type Them” below
• Properly cited

Dos and Don’ts
• Remain objective in your review of the studies conducted
• Utilize the resources available at the College (library, writing center, teachers)
• Clear your topic with the instructor
• Inquire at the clinical sites about new medications available

• Wait until the last minute
• Use dated references
• Submit a paper with run-on sentences, poor grammar, or typographical errors
• Plagiarize

References and How to Type Them:
• Use references to support statements of fact, indicate sources of information, or guide readers to further pertinent information.
• Cite only published work(s) (editorials are NOT references)
• In the text, cite the references by superscript numerals (first cited is number 1 etc.)
• Place the cited works in the same order in the bibliography
• Format of bibliography needs to be consistent, include all the authors names, article or book title, journal, dates, and volume and page numbers from the original cited articles and books (not secondary sources)
o Review formats used in research articles and texts.

Standard Journal Article:
Chatburn, RL. Overview of Respiratory Care Research. Respiratory Care 2004; vol. 49: 1149-1156.

Relevant Web Sites for New Drugs Used to Treat Respiratory Diseases

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