PART 1 (Minimum of 225 words)
Watch the video, “Why I love Shoplifting,” see how many themes you can pick up from our discussions and readings, so far. You may want to watch the video more than once to catch all of the details.

After watching the YouTube Video, “Why I Love Shoplifting,” use at least one of the theoretical approaches (See Module 2 Notes) to explain and/or discuss your theory about why the character in this clip is engaging in shoplifting behavior. Make sure to draw on your textbook (Constructions of Deviance: Social Power, Context, and Interaction 7th or 8th Edition) by Patricia A. Adler (Author),? Peter Adler (Author), to discuss how the behavior you observe in this video can be explained using these theoretical approaches.

PART 2 (Minimum of 225 words)
Drawing on Chapter 8 in your Textbook, use the Sutherland and Cressey’s nine steps of “Differential Association” to describe a real or hypothetical situation entailing criminal behavior. This chapter outlines the process by which an individual comes to engage in criminal behavior; in your posting, you are going to describe a specific criminal behavior.

Use this theory to describe how a real (or imagined) person could come to engage in that behavior. Based on your application of this theory to a real or hypothetical situation, how useful do you find this theory to be in explaining why an individual engages in criminal acts? Discuss the strengths of this theory, as well as weaknesses. Are there major holes or problems you have identified in this theory? Do you think it would/could be applicable to all criminal acts?


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