Using troubleshooting skills and techniques to solve computing problems

You are an IT support specialist at a help desk for a large company. Recently, the company created a
knowledge base that IT support specialists can refer to when a user calls in with technology issues. The
knowledge base has been helpful because the help desk receives many tickets and calls for what turn out to
be the same issues. When IT support specialists have documents to refer to during a call or the review of a
ticket, the knowledge base increases efficiencies and provides users with more consistent and higher quality
As an IT support specialist at the company’s help desk, you are assigned to create documentation that will be
added to the company’s knowledge base. This document will speak to the frequent issues that users have
experienced within the past 30 days. To complete this project, you will review five tickets, two audio recordings
of user calls, and a chat transcript from users who experienced technical issues. Then you will use your
troubleshooting skills to assess the underlying causes of the users’ reported symptoms and how they should
be resolved.

Sample Solution