Variables, Z Scores, Population and Output

D2.1 Working with Variables. a) Compare and contrast nominal, dichotomous, ordinal, and normal variables. B)
In social science research, why isn’t it important to distinguish between interval and ratio data?
D2.2 z scores and the population. a) How do z scores relate to the normal curve? b) How would you
interpret a z score of ‐3.0? c) What percentage of scores is between a z of ‐2 and a z of +2? Why is this
D2.3 Interpreting Output 4.1b. a) For which variables identified as scale is the skewness statistic more than
1.00 or less than ‐1.00? b) Why is this answer important? C) Does this agree with the boxplot in Output 4.2?
Explain your answer.
D2.4 Interpreting Output 4.4. a) Can you interpret the means? Explain your answer. b) How many participants
are there all together? c) How many have complete data (nothing missing)? d) What percentage are male? e)
What percentage took algebra?

Sample Solution