Virtual Concert report

Rising Appalachia:

  1. Who are the performers? What is the band or ensemble’s name?
  • Do a little internet research and find out where the group is from, the type(s) of music they perform, and a little information about the group in general.
  • There is band information in the details below the YouTube video. Expand the details to read about the group or artist.
  1. What happened in the performance?
    -What instruments were played? Was there singing? (Remember, the information below the video lists the instruments).
    -How did the instruments and/or vocalists sound?
    -How many different songs were performed? How were they different?
    -Are these songs original or composed by another musician? (The classical performances will be of pieces from various composers, some we have studied in our class).
    -Do you recognize any rhythmic features of the music? Find the “meter” of at least one song in the performance. Identify the song and describe its meter and rhythm.
    -This is likely a presentational performance, but were there any elements that made it partly participatory? How was it presentational? How was it participatory? (Refer to Turino’s characteristics of participatory/presentational performance).
  2. Reflection: Why did you choose this performance to write your report?
    -What was interesting about this performance to you?
    -Did this performance create a particular mood or feeling for you?
    -What was surprising about this performance for you?

Sample Solution