Visual Culture

Write a 5-6-page analysis of visual culture. To do so, you will need to answer one broad, but basic question: how does visual culture shape and alter how we know the world, whether ourselves, others, or something more abstract like truth? Unlike the first two paper, for this assignment you will need to begin thinking through related ideas from our first two unit. Concepts like ideology and identity will be key here. We have read a lot of diverse material on this matter, so you will want to make sure to providing textual material for your claims. Look back over the readings from this unit. A number of themes or threads emerged around truth, the process of interpretation, the specificity of visual media, visuality’s difference from written text, the image as a model of life/identity, the image as divorced from origin, technology as an accentuation of that separation, the proliferation of images as the pinnacle of “flatness,” technology as a democratizing mode of representing one’s life, corporations’ consolidation of control of media representation, etc. One approach to answering the question of the assignment is to thread your way through some of these issues, arguing for why it is important for us to “see” matters as you do. In addition to themes, below is a set of questions to get you thinking. As before, this is not a list to answer. Finally, you may want to turn to a concrete example to illustrate some of your points, but the main focus of the paper should be our readings.



Sample Solution