There are various taught courses to assist non-paediatrics trained staff to identify sick babies and children. Paediatrics Immediate Life Support is a one-day course to enable participants to: Recognize the seriously ill child and initiate appropriate interventions to prevent cardio-respiratory arrest; or to treat the child in respiratory or cardio-respiratory arrest for the short time before the arrival of a resuscitation team or more experienced assistance.

  1. Elobrate on the nurse role when identified child is Unresponsive following the basic life supports AHA 2020 Guideline
  2. Discuss various care bundles available in your unit in preventing hospital accuired infection for the child while admitted in the unit. Such as CAUTI bundles.
  3. Analyze the Suggestion and recommendation in taking care child post pediatric ICU admission. This child admitted to your unit (Pediatric ward) with post septic shock condition.He is recovered now.

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