What Makes Us Human?

Please watch the video below:
You will have to complete a one-paragraph personal summary of the video above. This personal summary will
be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, with double-spaced Times New Roman, 12-pt text, with the
typical header for a college assignment (your name, the name of your professor, the class you are completing
this for, and the date). In the “header” part of your document, write your last name and the page number
justified to the right. Below that header, you will include the bibliographical information of the text, video or
webpage you are summarizing (the way you would do it in a Works Cited page). Below that, you will include a
personal summary. Your personal summary must be your own interpretation of the material assigned, in your
own words, and it may be as short as a 40-word paragraph, but should not exceed one page.

Sample Solution