Write a t 250.word (5 pages). MIS format research essay in which you take a clear, persuasive position on a specific issue that directly relates to the current theme : “What’s there to eat?”

  1. Consider the essays read and the issues that have been discussed under this specific theme, ranging from Michael Pollan’s essay, “Escape from the Western Diet,” and Olga Khazan’s “Why Don’t Convenience Storrs Sell Better Food?” to “Mary Maxfield’s “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of ,Eating” and Michael Moss’s essay, The extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food.” • You don’t have choose your thesis just from these four essays but any that falls under the same reading theme. 3. Considering the dominant theme of our readings as the guide for your thinking and research for this paper, you are free to argue any of the related issues our readings have tackled in this section of the course. Regardless of its subject matter, your argument must develop from a precise and clear thesis. To write • persuasive essay, you must consider your audience and tailor your research and writing (your unique voice) to your specific purpose. To devise an effective argument, you must also provide sufficient background information on the subject and consider different sides of the argument (two at least) and their implications (those that directly relate to your argument). This, of course, does not mean that you cannot express your position on the subject directly, candidly, and courteously. • Refrain from indicating agree with” of 1 disagree with,” instead, express the subject matter and nature of your position: what exactly you agree or disagree with.
  2. You can use one or more of the essays we have read in this section as your sources in order to strengthen your argument, but you also need to have at least three additional/outside sources, which you will find on your own through library and online research among reputable, well-known print journals.




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