Mr. Fletcher’s behavior might indicate that he is an abusive instructor. Choose one article from the list of articles below (you can find them in Canvas) and analyze the film using the article you picked. Do you think that Mr. Fletcher’s behavior indicates that he is an effective leader? Explain your answer.

Address the above topic using evidence from the film to support your arguments.

Choose one article from the following:
1. Liu, D., Liao, H., & Loi, R. (2012). The dark side of leadership: A three-level investigation of the cascading effect of abusive supervision on employee creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 55(5), 1187-1212.
2. Tepper, B. J. (2000). Consequences of abusive supervision. Academy of management journal, 43(2), 178-190.
3. Tepper, B. J. (2007). Abusive supervision in work organizations: Review, synthesis, and research agenda. Journal of management, 33(3), 261-289.
4. Zellars, K. L., Tepper, B. J., & Duffy, M. K. (2002). Abusive supervision and subordinates’ organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87(6), 1068.



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