WholeFoods Case

1. Whole food has a team-based hiring process. How does this help the organization (1) hire people who are motivated to work in their particular setting (e.g. who team player); (2) promote perceptions of fair process;
and (3) proactively offset or avoid potential performance issues of personnel?
2.WF uses a wide-open financial system characterized by high levels of transparency. Provide two (2) examples from the case of how this likely motivates employees.
3.The store tours and customer snapshots are two (2) examples of extrinsic motivators leveraged by However, explain how these practices could potentially reflect a ‘dark side’ that distract or even de-motivate
employees in the organization.
4.Would you want to work for WF given your responses to the previous questions? As part of your response, explain what motivates you (or not).



Sample Solution