Why Leadership Matters

A Deep Dive into Character and How a Leader Uses a Country’s Resources
Discusses the various levels of analysis necessary to understand the workings and status of a country. Nye, specifically, highlights the importance of analyzing a country’s leader in order to better understand its power.

please give some consideration to and choose a world leader from a country other than the United States. I highly encourage you to pick a country and a leader that you know little, if nothing, about.

Research and study this individual; then write a 4-page essay responding to the following:

  1. Why did you choose this person?
  2. The basic bibliographic information about your leader: age, family backgrounds schooling, career and political / military career. What party(its) has she or he ever belonged to.
  3. Discuss your leader’s primary political agenda for his/her country – what does he/she want to accomplish?
  4. Identify 2 key programs or policies that he/she has promoted and what response those programs received from the citizenry of that country?
  5. Please discuss and define hard and soft power (outlined in Ch. 2). Has your leader’s country ever undergone a domestic (inside the borders) crisis during her or his time in office? If so, what was the crisis and how did she / he respond?
  6. Has your leader’s country experienced a war or other external threat? If so, how did your leader respond? What hard or soft power tools did she/he use to navigate that situation? And, what was the result?
  7. Finally, discuss how this leader is perceived both inside AND outside that country’s borders. Are they regarded positively/negatively? Both? Provide specific examples.

Sample Solution