Work and Volunteer Experience

Using the information provided in Chapter 18 and the Resume Format provided in the Unit 6 Overview to write your resume. If you are seeking Federal employment opportunities please refer to the Federal Resume Class provided in the Unit 6: Overview. Save is as a Microsoft Word file or .pdf file for submission. Be thoughtful about the resume organization that you selected and shared in the discussion for this unit. Follow the guidelines below to create or revise your resume:

Create a professional header with pertinent contact information.
Include an Objective or Summary of Qualifications
Include an Education heading.
Use Professional Experience, Work and Volunteer Experience or Experience as a heading to highlight your relevant work and/or volunteer experience. Make sure to highlight your professional knowledge, skills, and attributes. Do not copy and paste your job descriptions in to this section.
Use Activities and Awards, Professional Engagement and/or Awards as a heading to reflect additional professional interests and accomplishments.

Sample Solution