Work of art analysis

Choose one of the art images from the Chapter 17 Lecture PowerPoint, or from Chapter 17 in your text, or from the Web Gallery of Art
The work you choose should be of the Baroque, Neoclassic, or Rococo style and time period.

Write a formal critique of the artwork you have chosen:

Follow the four steps of art criticism. Make each step a separate paragraph in your paper. 5-8 sentences in a paragraph should be sufficient. Use this opportunity to impress with your newly developed art vocabulary. Begin your paper with the credit info of the artwork you are critiquing. (Artist, title, date, media, size, location)

Description-. What do you see? Be sure to avoid making any judgments or interpretations here- stick to the factsDon’t write things here like: ‘The artist did a good job drawing the subject’s eyes.” (that’s judgment) or: “The artist is showing how society is affected by…” (that’s interpretation) Instead say something like “The eyes are very detailed with…” Could I identify this painting among others by reading your description?

Analysis: You are explaining how the artist has put together or arranged the artwork in this paragraph. You should be describing the artist’s use of the art elements and principles- so refer back to Chapters 4 and 5 in the text if you need.

Interpreting- What is the message or meaning of the artwork? It is perfectly acceptable to use your own imagination here- just base what you say on the things you noticed in the first two steps. In interpreting, there is not one single right answer- some answers may be better than others, but all interpretation is subjective.
Judging- In evaluating artwork- you must form your opinion, then use supporting reasons to back it up. State specific reasons why you think the artwork is strong or weak- well made or not. You may point out positive features, and negative qualities. Often, this judgment will depend on your view of art and what you value- Do you prefer art to be well organized, with the elements and principles carefully composed? Or are you drawn to art that has a strong message or emotional content? Maybe you value technical skill or creativity over other features. Cultural and societal aspects will also influence your preferences.

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