Workplace vs School

Have you ever observed that the way something was being done in the workplace is not the way it was taught in school? Many students see the positive impact of the proper applications of a theory or concept in the workplace; others see differences between the way theory is applied in the workplace as compared to what was learned in the classroom. Students are able to comment on the effect of these differences on either the task or the organization.

During your WKPL learning experience, you will analyze the role of your academic studies in preparing you for your career.
This assignment addresses both your overall academic preparation and the application in the workplace of a theory or concept from your academic studies.
You should begin by discussing with your Faculty Mentor the theory or concept you are applying and the course from which it came.
Your paper should:
● Discuss the theory from either of the following viewpoints:
○ your application of the theory in the work environment, or
○ Your observation of the application of the theory by others in the work environment.
● Describe your observations of the applied theory.
● Explain whether you find the theory to be totally or partially correct.
● Explain whether you believe the theory did or did not work.
● Evaluate how the courses you have completed and that you identified in your Learning Proposal have prepared you for your current position.
● Identify additional courses you will need that would provide training, skills, or learning to continue to develop your career.
This paper should be at least three pages in length, and any information obtained from a second source should be properly cited in APA format (see UMUC’s Guide to Effective Writing). The assignment should be submitted to your LEO Assignments Folder.





























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