World War I poems

The period of World War I produced an extraordinary amount of excellent poetry, especially given its relatively short time-span.

Search for and find two World War I poems and describe them. Explain what the poems tell you about the war, and how people viewed the war, and the world the war was creating. Please include the poems with your response. In your writing, some things that you could analyze include: the contributions of the American Expeditionary Force, or the impact of the new technological innovations described in the poems such as machine guns, airplanes, tanks, poison gas, and trench warfare, that resulted in a stalemate on the Western Front and resulted in such battles as the Battle of Argonne Forest. Moreover, something else you could touch on is how the men in the trenches viewed the world around them in light of their experiences. Finally, one last point you could consider is how well you think that poetry conveys the horrors of this war. As you can see, poetry can be used to describe many different things, so see what you can get out of it.

Sample Solution