Writing About Poetry


Proposal and outline due Sept 16 –9:30pm

  1. Provide a proposal: (Note: Please number your answers and provide complete and thoughtful answers)
    Proposal/Outline Questions:
  2. What poem will you be writing about? (Make sure it is one of the poems you have been assigned)
  3. What themes do you see operating in this poem?
  4. What literary element(s) will you be using to discuss the theme of the poem? (Don’t use more than 2 literary elements at most; stronger essays focus on only one literary element)
  5. How will those literary elements help you to discuss the ideas in the poem?
  6. What is your “working thesis”?
  7. Provide an informal outline of your essay. Make sure to include your thesis statement and topic sentences as well your main paragraph points. The outline should be detailed enough that I can see how you will be developing your essay.

Essay due Sept 22
Requirements of the essay see file “Essay1 Prompt”
The poem you choose must be one of the following authors assigned: (author’s last name)
Chapter 11. (Brooks, Dickinson, Hardy, Terranova,)
Chapter 12. (Cummings, Houseman, Robinson, Wordsworth)
Chapter 13. (Erdich, Griffin, Hardy, Wojah)
Chapter 17. (Dunn, Jeffers, Viorst, Whitman)

Sample Solution