Writing of a personal philosophy as a nurse

Address the following topics as you begin to think about yourself as a nurse and about being a member of this profession. You may, of course, include additional topics you feel are important to your personal philosophy:

  1. about you: influential experiences, individuals, and/or values that influenced your thoughts and views about nursing. what led you to nursing? include your “why” here. type of learner: how do you learn/process information the best?
  2. professional goals. where do you see yourself in five years? 10 years?
  3. current social or political issues of most interest to you professionally
  4. Meaning of “health” and “illness” to you.
  5. Recipients of care: do you feel it is a right or privilege?
  6. Roles of professional nursing in health care, and roles that are not within nursing’s realm.
  7. Ideal qualifications to be a professional nurse
  8. Future of the profession
  9. Provide an example how nursing’s past affects its present and future.
  10. Other information you wish to include



Sample Solution