Write a critical appraisal of a nursing health assessment (relevant to your stream: paediatric).

After viewing the video provided on the blackboard site assessment page, write a critical appraisal ncluding:

1. ?A review of the performance against a recognised health assessment framework

2. ?Analyse the strengths and limitations of the clinical assessment identified in the video

3. ?Ensure that you use professional academic writing (not in first person)

4. ?Justify your appraisal with references to literature and evidence using QUT APA style.

5. Critique: strengths/ limitations
(40%) 550 words
• Examined the strengths and limitations of the assessment explaining the patient’s experience and any professional development requirements for the nurse
• Exemplary use of theoretical principles as they were applied in the assessment

6. Knowledge of principles of health assessment
(40%) 550 words
• Analysed the assessment succinctly and extensively from the patient and nurse perspective
• Analysed and justified the assessment approach explaining how tailoring addressed individual patient’s needs

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