youth delinquency affected by social labeling

How is youth deliquency affected by social labelling and the associate implication this holds ?

Topic: How is youth delinquency affected by social labelling and associate implications this holds [topic is focusing on How labelling theory affects the youth gang in America (positive and negative outcomes) ] – Overview / introduction Make an interesting question to grab the attention of audience (related to the topic) Proposes and highlights what is going into the presentation as a whole One or two sentences on labelling theory, no rambling and repeating lecture material Highlights the case studies which will be proposed and introduced Raise and let audience know the main narrative and flow of the presentation – Conclusion Answer the question you asked MAKE SURE EVERYTHING LINKS BACK TO SOCIAL ORDER AND SOCIAL CONTROL What will overview of the topic have • Youth Labelling and delinquency • Case Study on: 1) Negative impacts of social labelling and the consequences these have on youth. 2) Look into the long-term impacts that can occur if delinquents allow negative labels to affect their lives. (Constant cycle within the justice system, family pass down of crime) etc 3) Rap culture – Youth underpinning the negative labels and varying their effects by applying them to the rap culture as a method of expression and refuting the collective norms forced upon them by the elite members of society. The Case studies that I’ve got : Before Criminal Justice System intervention • A study carried out by Thornberry, Krohn, Lizzotte, Smith and Tobin found that youths that are members of a gang are more likely to undertake delinquent acts while apart of their gang membership as well as after. This shows that after being labelled a “gangster”, youths will be more likely to become delinquent and under take criminal actions more so than before they joined the gang. • Esbensen, Huizinga and Weiher assisted in demonstrating gang member labelling before the youth’s were entered into the criminal justice system by undertaking a study within a school. The results showed that “gang members are much more likely to perceive their teachers as labelling them as either bad or disturbed.” This indicates to us that the label of being a delinquent gang member is being applied within schools. This becomes a problem as not only is the criminal justice system applying this label on the troubled youth, but so to is an organisation that is meant to be nurturing and protecting these youth’s from a life of delinquency. During Criminal Justice System Intervention • It has been revealed by McCorkle and Miethe that there are individuals who are being labelled a gangster without them being apart of a gang. They go on to state “Minorities are often identified and entered into the record as gang members or associates, without being informed, simply because they happen to be in the company of a known gang member.” Once the label is being applied to those who are not actually apart of the gang, it will create an image within their mind that if the criminal justice system (CJS) views them as being a gangster, then they are in fact a gang member, and will continue to follow the path of a gangster. This proves to be problematic as the CJS is pushing them towards this life of crime that they are not yet apart of After Criminal Justice System Intervention • Once a youth has been exposed to the CJS and more specifically juvenile detention, the chances of them joining a gang are much more likely, with an odds ration of 5.2. This indicates that juvenile detention and gang membership are highly correlated. This is supported by Bernburg, Krohn and Riveria’s statement “youths who are experience juvenile justice intervention are significantly more likely to be members of a gang during the successive period relative to those ho have no intervention experience”. As above displays, once they have been exposed to the CJS, youth’s are much more likely to become a gangster. ** *** please follow order number: 82095264 for more information. and the powerpoint slide is provided. ***Make the speech based on the powerpoint slide. introduction and conclusion section should be done separately. 275-300 words for each section please.

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