Ad Critique – Writing about a commercial
After reading Scholes and Merlo, find two outside articles, use them to support any section of the paper. You may not use articles assigned in class. Find a commercial that supports your position (Stay in 3rd Person). This means that although you personally might not agree that advertising has any effect at all on society, you as a writer need to write as though your ad is basically a manual on what is normal and right in society. What is your ad teaching us about what we are to value, how we should behave, and who matters? What is the worldview? If seen in another country, what would they think about Americans? Your ad must be approved by me before submitting the paper.Ads may not be older than 5 years. Papers submitted without an approved commercial will not be accepted.
The first step in your essay is to write an introduction to the paper. Then in the first body paragraph start describing your ad in as much detail as possible. Who are the characters? What kind of physical attributes do they possess? What group(s) do they represent? Are we supposed to be sympathetic to them? Should we admire them? Want to be who they are? Note: You’ll need far more detail than you think. You can’t say too much. Use your finest observational and creative writing skills here. Do not exceed 1/3 of the paper in length.

Sample Solution