Addressing patient dissatisfaction with Technology Innovations in a hospital setting

You are a nursing supervisor following up with a geriatric patient named Mabel, who just completed a six-day hospital stay following a diagnosis of pneumonia. This patient had a series of complaints. She spent an extra night because the doctor never showed up to sign discharge papers. The pharmacy closed overnight so prescriptions weren’t ready. She hasn’t received a bill yet and when she called to inquire was told computer system was shut down for maintenance. She was provided access instructions for an online portal to view her records, but the link does not work and the user ID and password she was promised would be in the discharge paperwork was nowhere to be found.

Create an improvement plan including an outline for two proposed innovative healthcare technologies on a Word document including

Identify all of Mabel’s hospital stay concerns and how the failure of technology impacted her healthcare delivery.

Describe two innovative technologies you would recommend to improve client experience such as Mabel’s and how you would evaluate the impact of these technologies.

Identify evidence from the literature to support how each technology had a positive impact on client safety.

Sample Solution