Steady-state) unemployment rate.

On average, it takes 3 months for an unemployed person to find a job. A job lasts for 30 months on average. The labor force stays constant. Find the long-run (steady-state) unemployment rate. Sample Solution

Last common ancestor of African Apes

Where did the last common ancestor of African Apes evolve? / Were the European apes an evolutionary dead end or the ancestors of living African Apes? Evolutionary dead end (the ancestors of African Apes evolved in Africa): Alba, D. M. (2012). Fossil apes from the...

MD&A report

Provide a summary of the current year’s activities.Discuss the company’s ability to meet short-term obligations and fund operations and capital projects, and give the results of operations.Provide a financial ratio analysis that includes liquidity,...

Data mining

This week our focus is on data mining. In the article this week, we focus on deciding whether the results of two different data mining algorithms provides significantly different information. Therefore, answer the following questions: When using different data...

Why Hanna Talks and Alyssa Doesn’t

Read Chapter 10: Why Hanna Talks and Alyssa Doesn’t.Respond to the question below:What is the main message about language that you gather from reading this chapter. Make connections to atleast two research studies. Sample Solution