use the knowledge you have gained throughout the semester to create an employee training program for a specific hazard found in the workplace. You will provide a

recorded PowerPoint presentation, a training outline, and a 5 question competency quiz with answer key.

To provide the training, please create a recorded video with PowerPoint. You do not need to record yourself on the video if you are not comfortable with it. The

recorded video may not be longer than 10 minutes. If you go past ten minutes, you will only be graded for the content in the first ten minutes.
An acceptable presentation must include a PowerPoint recorded with a screen recording device and submitted in video format. To record your screen and audio, you can

use the Screen Cast-O-Matic software (click here to link) for free. A video on using Screen Cast-O-Matic software is below. Make sure that your format doesn’t require

special software to play. It should be an Mp4 file for submission.
Powerpoint should not be text dense, and you should not read text from the screen. Reading text from the screen will result in a much lower score. I recommend writing

a script if you have a tendency to read from the screen. The use of images, charts, and graphs are required.
The training should cover:
What is the hazard?
How is the employee affected?
What is the injury or illness which may occur if the employee fails to protect themselves?
Describe the methods used for the employee to protect themselves. Consider engineering or administrative controls and required personal protective equipment.
What should the employee do if there is a near miss?
What should the employee do if there is an injury or an emergency?

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