Focusing on the 5 primates you have selected, note the following aspects about each of them.
Scientific name and common name
Reasons for being in the taxonomic category of prosimian, monkey, or ape
Geographic location
Dental formula
Sexual dimorphism
Locomotor style
Type of nose
Body size
Any unusual features
Endangered status
Find images on the internet of primate behavior, and cut-and-paste the images into a word document. These images can be of any primate species. You do not have to only use the species you used in #1 of this assignment. You should describe each of the images…what type of primate, what they are doing, what it means, etc…and include the website address as a reference. You must include 5 images of each of the following behaviors (so you should have a total of 20 images):
Affiliative (friendly)
Tool use

Sample Solution