Armin Van Buuren

The paper will focus on Armin Van Buuren live at Tomorrowland 2019. you should give a critical analysis of this specific DJ
performance: address its musical and cultural features in detail. Attributes to consider include lyrics, beats, samples,
and instrumental sounds. Do not feel obligated to analyze all tracks in the albums or the DJ performance; Highlight three or four tracks to help to focus your argument. You should substantively engage course texts and your example. Define and clearly state your argument based on the texts and your own insights. Make sure to use the three articles I have attached for the information about genres, sounds, beats, etc. The article about EDM POP, connect the soft shell theory to the Tomorrowland and this set. Find an interview with Armin Van Buuren or an article talking about his career, his 2019 Tomorrowland Set. Look into the multiple genres present in that set and see how many of the tracks are his own and how many are mixes. Also the setup and systems of Tomorrowland and the DJs. MAKE SURE ITS LESS THAN 1800 WORDS. I have attached my class notes on the “soft shell theory” to help you make the connections.

Sample Solution