Building a roadway for an automobile to drive on.

Create a New Project in Alice where you will build a roadway for an automobile to drive on. You will want to zoom the camera out as to assist with laying out your roadway. The roadway needs to be a complete circuit. A simple oval or circle is fine. To create the road way, simply place other objects like trees, boulders, and architectural elements. Use your imagination! Once your roadway is in place, you will animate the automobile. You will need to do more beyond just letting the keyboard control an object.

Next you will focus on implementing proximity or collision detection. You will need to create at least three different categories of objects that can be placed on or near your track. For instance, you could create a category of “Road Hazards”, “Bonus Items”, or even just a start and finish to your track. The idea is to create these groupings so they can easily be assigned a value in future labs in this course. Create more than one of each of the items in your group so you have at least a total of ten objects altogether. You can even include some of the objects used to define your roadway. Once these items are placed in your program, have some sort of reaction occur when they are “hit” (collision detection) or when your vehicle is close to them (proximity detection).

Sample Solution