Organizational barriers to effective innovation

  Based on the organization and change initiative you chose in Workshop Three, you will create a 3–5-page proposal of how you would then enact change using Kotter’s eight-step framework Include a brief summary of your organization, the change initiative, the...

The American Electoral System

Step 1: Listen to this podcast: Ten Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten The podcast begins with two premises: 1) that Congress is increasingly polarized and 2) that voter trust and approval in the federal government is low. In the episode, you will hear several...

Reporting the conclusions to the American public

  Should the results of sociological research be only used for doing more research and reporting the conclusions to the American public? Or should results be used to advocate for certain societal changes and improvements?  

How social structure affect our society

1. What is a social problem? 2. How does social structure affect our society and you? 3. What are the differences between the three sociological perspectives? 4. Explain your achieve and ascribed statuses.