Cell membrane

You learnt about transmembrane proteins and introduced the concept of the cell membrane consisting
of various components. Below are the five learning objectives for chapter 7. For this discussion, please (1) pick
one of the five, (2) describe in fully the concept, (3) give a specific example, and (4) pose at least two questions
fo the class to respond to. There are more than five students in the class, therefore if all five learning objectives
are covered, then add more information on the concept.
Describe the structure of a cell membrane; including the lipid bilayer and membrane bound proteins. (4a)
Describe transverse and lateral diffusion of phospholipid molecules. (4b)
Describe the properties of the lipid bilayer, including the changes that occur at the transition temperature. (4c)
Discuss the effects of sterol structure on membrane fluidity. (4d)
Describe the differences between integral, peripheral and lipid anchored membrane proteins. (4e)

Sample Solution