Creative Advertising and Integrated Campaign Idea

I have done the brief of my campaign and done the design of print and TVC adverting. All you need to do is the writing part, please follow the structure that I gave you and chexk every additional material.
Task: Creative Advertising and Integrated Campaign Idea For NRMA State Emergency Services Student as an advertising agency, NRMA as our client.
In response to a project brief from a client in the commercial or non-profit arenas, students will together research the problem and provide an advertising analysis, in development of a single group creative brief. Using the jointly developed creative brief, students will then individually produce a ‘Big idea’ for print advertising with an integrated TVC idea designed to work in social media, together with a 350 word creative rationale. All submissions must be electronically produced and submitted to demonstrate the campaign idea in both media formats, with their creative rationale, and the group’s creative brief.

Sample Solution