Critical appraisal + knowledge transfer

What new knowledge should be transferred to clinicians and decision makers (other stakeholders who might support EBP initiatives or not) in order to change practice?

To whom should research knowledge be transferred? Who will actually use (implement) the new knowledge in practice?

By whom should the knowledge be transferred?

Process of transfer: How should the knowledge be transferred (translated) or made accessible for the audience?

What will be the effect of the new knowledge? How will this effect be evaluated? How can the change in practice be assessed?

a) Identity new knowledge (an intervention or model of practice) and relevance to your specific area of practice (Message)

b) Identify who the new knowledge should be transferred to and why and provide a brief description of the specific practice context (Audience)

c) Critically appraise one article reporting primary research studies (quantitative, qualitative or survey approaches) that provides evidence supporting the new knowledge and upon which the plan will be based.








Sample Solution