Your chosen organization is running a digital marketing campaign. You identify a specific element of the
campaign that you wish to optimize. You decide to use A/B testing to determine how to optimize this element.
1.1 What is the goal of your A/B test? In other words, what specifically do you aim to determine by doing this
test? (40–70 words).
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1.2 Which digital lever (owned, paid, or social media) would you use for your test? How does it relate to your
goal? (40–70 words)
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Question 2
Refer to your A/B test from Question 1.
2.1 Which contextual opportunities and challenges could you face during the experimentation process?
Consider the context of the digital lever you have chosen for your experiment (owned, paid, social media) when
you respond to the following two points in your answer:
• What are the opportunities offered by this test? Consider opportunities found in the context in which your test
is running, and opportunities created for your organization in running the test.
• What challenges could potentially occur as a result of this test? Consider challenges in terms of both running
the test and how the results may impact your organization. (150–200 words)
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2.2. What practical actions could you take to ensure that your experiment runs as efficiently as possible? The
aim of efficiency in this context is, firstly, to preempt challenges that might emerge during the test, and,
secondly, to ensure that your opportunities identified in the previous question are acted on with as much
effectiveness as possible. (100–150 words)

Sample Solution