Duty to Report Reflection Essay

Duty to Report

Duty to Report child abuse is a separate exception to confidentiality. Teachers, counselors, social welfare and health professions are “mandated reporters” under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. Please note that there are variations among states. New York, for example, appears stricter than Kansas. Recently, a woman came to the Emergency Department following an unusual altercation with her husband where she sustained head trauma. Although no children were harmed, there was no history of violence prior to this, and no criminal charges brought, the staff immediately involved the child welfare authorities due to the fact that a child was present during the incident. They made multiple visits to the household and mandated the husband to a “batterers” group.

we can see that the hospital authorities in New York State were highly vigilant about possible dangers to a child in a household where the husband had an incidence of violent behavior towards his wife. Now, in Kansas, this would be much less likely to happen, and it is not mandated to report danger to a child where a child was not hurt.

Write a thorough APA 1-2 page reflection essay addressing the following points:

What would you think would be proper course of action if you were a neighbor whom the child confided in? Support your answer through reference(s).
What do the confidentiality regulations of your state have to say about such a situation? Remember to reference your source(s) for this section.
You must provide no less than 2 scholarly references in your essay.

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