Effective argument is an essential skill

Crafting an effective argument is an essential skill to sharpen as you pursue any career, and it also affects interactions within your personal life. In this assignment, you’ll use both logic and emotion to prove an absurd argument in a few paragraphs. There isn’t any research needed for this assignment, just good writing and thinking. This assignment taps into your ability to write to a specific audience and apply a process to plan, draft, edit, and share your writing. It also provides an opportunity to practice writing about a topic you are interested in, and you will receive completion points for completing it.

  1. Review “Narrow Your Topic” in preparation for creating your absurd argument. There is also a transcript available for this video.
    Choose 1 absurd question to argue for this assignment by creating 1 of your own or using 1 from the list below. Your finished assignment should sound like an argument, so ensure your topic is debatable.
    Is Marvel or DC the best franchise?
    Is it better to work to live or live to work?
    Is American football or soccer better?
    Should pizza be classified as a sandwich or a pie?
    Are movies or music better?
    Is it more important to be wealthy or happy?
    Provide your own creative debatable idea.
    Using your classmates as the audience, write a 350- to 525-word argument for your chosen topic in which you address the following:
    State your absurd argument topic.
    Define and explain any terms that are needed to proceed.
    Based on your definitions, determine which position is correct.
    Explain your reasoning in paragraph form.

Sample Solution