“Future Career Plans

General Psychology Paper Assignment Due 4/30 (Worth 45 pts)
1) The paper should be at least two pages. This does not include the title and reference page. The paper should explain you future career plans.
2) Paper should be in APA format. Please view the template paper in the assignment folder. (Spts)
3) Your paper should include:
A. Introduction: In the introductory section of your paper, explain how you came to decide on this career. Did someone inspire you to follow this career path? Why are you interested in this career or field? (10 pts)
B. What is your career plans in the next 10- 15 years? What are your goals/objectives and current major? Explain the education, experience, licenses and skills necessary for the career. Does your career plans require graduate school? If so what schools are applying to? (15 pts)
C. What are the major obstacles you anticipate and how will you overcome them? What is your second career option? In other words, what is your backup plan? (10pts)
D. Conclusion (Spts)

Sample Solution