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Gender Discrimination in “On the Basis of Sex”


Gender discrimination has been a pervasive issue in society, affecting individuals’ opportunities and rights based on their gender. “On the Basis of Sex” explores the real-life story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight against gender discrimination, highlighting the challenges women faced in achieving equality under the law.

Summary of Content

The movie follows Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s journey as a young lawyer and her groundbreaking case that challenged a gender-based tax law, illustrating the systemic discrimination women encountered in various aspects of life. Through her work, Ginsburg confronts deep-rooted gender biases and advocates for equal rights, paving the way for significant legal reforms.

Analysis and Evaluation of the Movie

“On the Basis of Sex” provides a compelling portrayal of the obstacles women faced in a male-dominated legal system and society. The film effectively captures the struggles and triumphs of Ginsburg as she navigates through institutional barriers and societal norms to challenge discriminatory practices. By highlighting the importance of gender equality and justice, the movie sheds light on the enduring impact of discrimination on individuals and the broader implications for society.

The film’s emphasis on Ginsburg’s strategic legal arguments and perseverance in advocating for gender equality offers a poignant commentary on the persistent challenges faced by women in achieving equal rights. Through powerful storytelling and poignant performances, “On the Basis of Sex” underscores the significance of combating gender discrimination and upholding principles of fairness and justice.


“On the Basis of Sex” serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle against gender discrimination and the importance of championing equality for all individuals. By portraying Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s remarkable journey in challenging systemic biases and advocating for equal rights, the movie inspires audiences to reflect on the impact of gender discrimination and the necessity of promoting inclusivity and fairness in society.


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