Goal Setting and Career Decision Making

Find one to two article(s) that align with a concept covered in Chapter 3 of Career directions: New pathways to your ideal career (7thed.) and Chapter 11: Meeting: Leadership and Productivity from the Leadership Communication textbook. Summarize the article, and specifically state how it aligns with what we learned this week. Does it agree with, contradict, or add to the material covered? Then address how did the information presented about Goal Setting and Career Decision-Making add knowledge you didn’t know before and/or influence your perspective of this topic?

Resources beyond the article(s) you choose and the textbook are not required for this week’s post. This week’s post should be more of a conversation. Although you should provide citations for information used from the sources, APA format will not be graded for this assignment, but whether you included both in-text citations and reference entries for the initial post will be graded. Please make sure you are, however, within the required word count(see below) for both the initial post and the required replies.

Directions: For your initial post, thoroughly respond to the discussion prompt that has been provided. Your response should have an explicit thesis or specific point(s) that you are making that is/are clearly articulated (in contrast to a stream of consciousness, personal format), and it should explicitly connect to the readings and media of the week. Many of the prompts are multifaceted: Be sure to address all of the aspects of the prompts. Your initial post should be 250-350 words, using complete sentences and proper syntax, spelling, and grammar.

Sample Solution