HR representative interview

Interview a Human Resources (HR) Representative at your company. If your company does
not have an HR representative, talk to a friend or family member who works in the HR field. Find out and
document the answers to the questions listed below. After recording the responses, provide a paragraph
summarizing your thoughts concerning the information you learned and your thoughts relative to how that HR
representative might improve upon his/her knowledge in the field (do not share your thoughts with that HR
representative). Please label each section with the questions listed below.
• What type of training did you receive in order to perform your job?
• Did you receive training on statutes such as ADA, FMLA, ADEA, and Title VII?
• Which statutes do you find yourself dealing with most often?
• Describe the most challenging employee problem you had to deal with related to one of those statutes, and
how was it resolved (omit the name(s) of the employees)?
• What are the most common/routine types of employee relation issues that you encounter?
• Do you interact with legal counsel, either house counsel (in-house), hired outside counsel to represent the
company, or opposing counsel representing the employee? Which ones, and how often?
• What dispute resolution mechanisms does your company utilize when trying to resolve employee relation

Sample Solution