Human Resources for Healthcare Organizations

The performance review program at Valley Urgent Care was developed some years ago and has generally served the organization well. The supervisors took the responsibility to conduct timely, meaningful reviews very seriously. The review process consisted of ratings on the following skills and competencies:

Customer service
Clinical abilities
Communications with patients and fellow employees
Work attitude

However, the employees and supervisors have commented that the review process lacked relevance and was in need of updating. They indicated that there were not enough evaluation categories to adequately evaluate the complexity and variety of jobs at Valley Urgent Care. Additional categories that were suggested included computer skills, compliance with HIPAA, willingness to take on additional duties, and leadership.

Valley Urgent Care s administrator agreed that it was time to review the evaluation process and criteria has asked the HR manager to pull together a work team of managers to develop a new process that would be more relevant and meaningful to the organization and employees.


  1. Why would the employees see the current review process as irrelevant?
  2. What types of changes should the work team consider in order to improve the process and criteria?

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