For this assignment, imagine your intervention design was met with a positive reception and now you have been asked to create a proposal for how your intervention could be implemented within a specific care setting. Additionally, you are being asked to propose criteria that could be used to evaluate the success of the intervention.
The care setting that you choose as the context for this assignment could be:
● The current care setting in which you are currently working.
● A care setting you are familiar with in your community.
● A care setting in which you would like to work in the future.
○ This option may require you to research publicly available information regarding the setting if you are to develop a plausible proposal.
Be sure to review any feedback you received on your Intervention Design assignment, as it may help you to develop a better proposal.
Assignment Instructions
In this assignment, you will create a proposal for how to implement and evaluate the success of your intervention design. You will also be asked to take a closer look at the literature, scholarly, and best-practice resources that informed the development of your implementation proposal. Additionally, you will explain specific outcomes and improvements that would indicate success and be demonstrated by your evaluation criteria.
One potential approach to outlining your assignment submission is as follows. However, you should construct your assignment submission in a way that makes sense to you, and could be potentially useful in your personal or professional pursuits.
Possible assignment flow:
● Provide an overview of the health care institution and community in which the intervention will be implemented.
● Propose an implementation process for the intervention plan.
○ Refer to best-practices and evidence to support plan process decisions.
● Propose criteria that could be used to evaluate success of the intervention.
○ What does success for an individual patient entail?
○ What does success at the population level look like?
● Discuss qualitative methodologies relevant to population health that could be used to enhance the evaluation process.
● Write a concluding paragraph to wrap everything up.
In your assignment submission be sure you address the following scoring guide criteria:
● Propose a process to implement an intervention plan for a chosen population health need within the context of the chosen population and a chosen health care services provider.
● Explain a model, theory, or best-practice framework which informs an evidence-based approach to implementing an intervention plan.
● Propose criteria that could be used to evaluate the success of the intervention plan within the chosen population.
● Explain what the outcomes would be for a successful intervention within the context of improvements to the health of an individual patient, as well as improvements within the population as a whole.
● Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

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