Issues in World Soccer

Identifications: Regarding these people, terms, and ideas, be able to accomplish the following in paragraph form on the final exam: identify who or what, where, when, and how it relates to this class.

all-stadium seating
Anti-sectarian bill
“Apollonians and Dionysians”
Arab-Israeli conflict
Beitar Jerusalem
British colonialism
British unionism
collective identity
Diego Maradona
ethnicity vs. ancestry
Hillsborough Disaster
“imagined communities”
jogo bonito
“Maracanazo” of 1950
mestizo nationalism
nested identities
“Old Firm”
Spanish Civil War
tactics vs. playing style
Total Football
Yugoslav Wars

Essays: On the exam I will ask you to respond to one of these essay questions listed below. Plan on taking whatever time/space you deem necessary to fully answer the question. Be sure to provide as many examples from class/readings as possible.

  1. Consider the spread and popularization of soccer from its origins to its current place as the most popular sport in the majority of countries. What factors allowed for soccer to spread so widely, and what can account for its popularity?
  2. Soccer is well known for inspiring passion among fans. Why does soccer so often seem to attract such uniquely passionate fans? Think carefully about this question and provide examples from class explaining different forms of fan devotion and behavior.
  3. Consider the question of playing style in world soccer. What are the factors that determine how players of different backgrounds (geographical, cultural, economic, etc.) play the game? Take into account examples from lecture and readings.

Sample Solution