Job Analysis and Recommendations

As part of the HR team at CapraTek, you have been asked to conduct a job analysis and to make recommendations on the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), as well as the job competencies, needed to support a hiring initiative. Preparation Use ONET Online to develop the job specifications and competencies for a retail or manufacturing job within CapraTek or a selected job within your workplace (or one you with which you have familiarity). Description Conduct a job analysis and develop a competency model to support the human resources team when hiring for your selected job. Include the following: Describe the selected job and the KSAs. What considerations would decrease the legal risks associated with job postings and the recruitment process by CapraTek or another organization? Develop a competency model for the selected job. How does the use of 0Net OnLine and other technology tools impact staff planning? Develop hiring recommendations for the selected job. Should the person who is hired have the identified competencies, or could the new hire be internally trained? Your analysis and recommendations should demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through the accurate communication of thoughts that support a central idea and use of correct grammar and mechanics as expected of a human resources professional.

Sample Solution